Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vibrational Counsel (the adventure of you), 2015 - Something felt, something shared. Enjoy Gallery

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    Photos courtesy of Enjoy Gallery photographer Andrew Matautia & Emma Ng.

Vibrational Counsel (the adventure of you), 2015
Clare Hartley McLean
Interactive Installation
Dimensions variable

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Dendromaniac :: Enjoy Occasional Journal March 2015

Accentuated Breath featured in the Enjoy Occasional Journal. 
Enjoy Gallery. Wellington, New Zealand

The Dendromaniac:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Accentuated breath

Accentuated breath, 2014
Clare Hartley McLean
Site Specific Performance
Auckland, New Zealand
Dimensions Variable

A special thanks to Maureen Buchan-Reid for her invaluable Qigong instruction and Senior Lecturer Penny Cliffin for her permission to access the Jacaranda in the Unitec arboretum.

Relatum, Lee Ufan, Versailles 2014

Usually I don't include work form other artists for this blog but my recent trip to Versailles in France to see Lee Ufans work is an exception. A pioneer and proponent of the Mono ha (School of things) his work has been an outstanding inspiration for me for a number of years and a highlight of my visit to France.

Lee Ufan
Relatum 2014
Versailles, France

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

+ / - (with the oceans on my back), 2014

+/ - (with the oceans on my back), 2014

Clare Hartley McLean, 2014
28 km coast to coast walk
Transposing the Tasman and Pacific oceans
Site Specific Performance
Northland, New Zealand


Sunday 30 March 2014                                Monday 31 March 2014
90 Mile Beach Northland New Zealand

Low 3:06                              0m                  3:55am                                 0m
High 9:29am                         2.4m              10:18am                                2.4m
Low 3:32pm                        -0.1m                4:19pm                                -.1m
High 9:56pm                        2.3m               10:45pm                                2.3m

1st Light                               7:12                 7:12am
Sunrise                                7:37am             7:38am
Waning Cresent Moon                                New Moon

Houhora Northland New Zealand

Low 2:01am                          .4m                 2:55am                                   .3m
High 2:28am                        2.3m                 9:20am                                 2.3m
Low 2:31pm                          .3m                 3:23pm                                  .3m
High 8:57pm                        2.3m                 9:48pm                                 2.3m

High Intensity Tidal Coefficient


Illustrations Rohan Hartley Mills 2014

Monday, June 17, 2013

Enacting Time

In this work the artist has re-enacted John Cages’ formative audio and performance work 4’33” from 1952, wherein the performance consisted of “silence” on a piano. Exploring the relationship between the exhibition space and the audience, Enacting Time, establishes the audience as pivotal participant in this sound work.

Enacting Time, 2013
Clare Hartley McLean
Audio / Performance
Recorded at Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Pakuranga, Auckland. New Zealand.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"[...]That we do not discover reality but rather invent it is quite shocking for many people. And the shocking part about it - according to the concept of radical constructivism - is that the only thing we can ever know about the real reality (if it even exists) is what it is not. It is only with the collapse of our constructions of reality that we first discover that the world is not the way we imagine".
Paul Watzlawick 1995

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some of us are here, none of us are here

An audio exploration into the liminal state of flying dreams, contesting the real and expanding interpersonal connections via the re-telling of virtual memories. Establishing dialogue and permutation to create part archive, part virtual sub-conscious experience.

Some of us are here, none of us are here. 2012
Site specific sound installation. 
Foyer building WM AUT, New Zealand.
9 minute audio loop

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Discrete Geometries, 2012 - ST PAUL ST Gallery III

Discrete Geometries, 2012
Site Specific Installation ST PAUL St Gallery III, Aesthetic Information/Acts of Mapping
Water, steel, lemon leaf, glass, plumb, plastic, sand, brass.
Dimensions Variable

aesthetic information e-catalogue.pdfaesthetic information e-catalogue.pdf
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Monday, September 3, 2012

In Aesthetic Information / Acts of Mapping, artists Carolin Casey, Shelley Jacobson and Clare Hartley McLean offer discrete explorations of human marks upon the land. These works bring forgotten, invisible and ephemeral features to the surface for our consideration, with approaches spanning research, journey, photography and installation.

Clare Hartley McLean conjures hidden aspects of the land in Discrete Geometries through the esoteric practice of dowsing, a form of divining. Pondering the power of unseen agency and the Other, charting the space enables an investigation into indeterminate forces.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Study for Discrete Geometries

Study for Discrete Geometries, 2012
Site specific. Arizona, USA.
Wood, brass.
Dimensions Variable

The forest is all we need

The Best of Second Storey
Fundraising Group Exhibition August 2012

The forest is all we need. 2012
Cedar, 12" vinyl album sleeves, paper. 
Dimensions variable.

Collages, 2012
12" vinyl record sleeves, paper, mixed media