Wednesday, April 9, 2014

+ / - (with the oceans on my back), 2014

+/ - (with the oceans on my back), 2014

Clare Hartley McLean, 2014
28 km coast to coast walk
Transposing the Tasman and Pacific oceans
Site Specific Performance
Northland, New Zealand


Sunday 30 March 2014                                Monday 31 March 2014
90 Mile Beach Northland New Zealand

Low 3:06                              0m                  3:55am                                 0m
High 9:29am                         2.4m              10:18am                                2.4m
Low 3:32pm                        -0.1m                4:19pm                                -.1m
High 9:56pm                        2.3m               10:45pm                                2.3m

1st Light                               7:12                 7:12am
Sunrise                                7:37am             7:38am
Waning Cresent Moon                                New Moon

Houhora Northland New Zealand

Low 2:01am                          .4m                 2:55am                                   .3m
High 2:28am                        2.3m                 9:20am                                 2.3m
Low 2:31pm                          .3m                 3:23pm                                  .3m
High 8:57pm                        2.3m                 9:48pm                                 2.3m

High Intensity Tidal Coefficient


Illustrations Rohan Hartley Mills 2014

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